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Rear Window Vinyl Graphics are produced with premium vinyl with a transfer tape for easy install. Vinyl graphics are made with solid vinyl and are only see-thru where you an see the window.

14" x 53" = small trucks
18" x 58" = medium trucks
20" x 66" = *standard size (fits most truck windows)
22" x 66" = large trucks and SUV's

*Note: This size reference is a guide. It is recommended to measure the size of your window prior to ordering to ensure proper fit.
Measure the height of your window in the center and the width of your window across the bottom for the best accuracy.
Graphic sizes are produced slightly larger to allow for trimming after installation.

With your order you will receive:

Rear Window Graphic in size of your choice

Installation instructions and an application squeegee will be provided
with your order. All decal kits are made-to-order and ship within
3 business days.